A Comprehensive Records Management, Document Storage, and Mapping Solution for the Smaller or Historical Cemetery

Manage your deceased records, inventory, and showcase your cemetery for less than you might imagine.

recordkeepr is a simple to use yet effective mapping and record management solution which provides the features and functions you need.

While keeping the system easy to use, it still provides a wealth of capability to help you manage your cemeteries records, ensure compliance with record-keeping legislation, provide the public with the ability to search your records and use the maps to find the location in your cemetery and track your inventory status.

Records Management

Comprehensively track all your records to ensure statutory compliance and ease of finding the right information as and when it is needed. The information tracked includes:

  • Burial and memorial locations
  • Rights of Interment / Burial Rights
  • Deceased Persons
  • Exhumations
  • Documents and images


Visually map all of your memorial locations, including graves, mausolea, and ash placements.

Use your mapping to show your inventory availability and make it easy for the public to navigate their way to burial or memorial locations.

Show your points of interest in searchable maps to create interest in your cemetery and to provide the public with interesting insights into the history of your cemetery.

Take advantage of the advanced mapping capabilities without needing to incur expensive surveying costs.


Statutory compliance with record-keeping legislation and the safekeeping of all paper-based or digital records is critically important to any cemetery.

recordkeepr, together with our extensive experience, ensures that all the required information is provided for, and you have the ability to extract the information you need for providing compliance reports.

Your data is also kept safe in a secure and fully managed cloud environment in your country of residence.


Quickly and easily get a snapshot of your inventory availability and track available, reserved, and sold statuses.

Automatically update your inventory levels when locations are reserved or sold.

Use the mapping to provide an interactive view of your inventory status across your cemetery or cemeteries.


Most cemeteries have an exciting history about the area in which they are found and the residents that have lived near them. Use the rich history of your cemetery to showcase your area and to provide ancestral information that creates public interest and attracts new customers.

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